Save up to 95% on your processing fees

Due to recent major court decisions, tire dealers are now allowed to discount goods and services for customers paying cash. With this in mind, you are permitted to charge customers (paying by credit and debit cards) the full retail price.

For example: You sell a set of tires for $800. That is already the discounted cash price. If paying by credit or debit card, a customer would pay $800 plus a $32 convenience fee (or 4% more) which is the full price.

Congratulations, you just saved $32 on this single transaction!

This program (powered by IntraFirst Merchant Services, our parent company) is being used by thousands of merchants, just like you, nationwide!

Remember, it’s up to the tire dealer's discretion whether or not to charge their customer a convenience fee.  The Bottom Line: Processing Fees can be passed back to the customer! 

And our program keeps you legal, compliant, and it does it all seamlessly and automatically. Right inside the terminal. Your employees just handle the card like they always have. We do the rest.

If you have a customer that you want to exempt from the fee, the terminal let's you do that when you swipe the card.

Right now, you are paying the full amount to Visa and MasterCard. With the Cash Discount Program, you can split the fee with your customer, or have them pay the full fee. It's up to you.

What you will receive from Tire Dealer Processing:

  • Our welcome kit including customer service contact information and equipment instructions
  • A custom made SIGN (ready to be mounted) giving customers the required cash discount notice
  • A FREE Dejavoo Z8 credit card terminal pre-programmed for either dial-up or Internet IP (cash discount certified). Just plug it in and you are ready to process cards.
    • Key entered transactions are also permitted on this terminal for discount cash transactions.
    • Pre-installed “cash discount” programming certified by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
    • EMV ready, fully PCI compliant and certified
  • 24/7 LIVE Expert Customer Service
Card and Terminal

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NOTE: By regulation, there are currently a few very small fees that can’t be removed from your statement; they include: MALF fee, Acquirer fee, NABU Fee, and APF fee (these fees are very small)