To find the total amount of credit/debit transactions on this style of statement, look for a summary of all card types used during the statement period. This will list the card type (Visa Credit, Visa Debit, MasterCard Credit, MasterCard Debit, etc) and will also provide the number of transactions for each card type as well as the total amount in sales for each card type. Usually, there will be a total at the bottom of that section.

In our example, the total amount of credit and debit transactions is $32,218.14 as highlighted by the red circle.

To find the total amount of fees charged by the card issuers (Interchange) and the credit card processor, look for the Fees Summary. In our example the total amount deducted is $593.80 as shown in the blue circle.

Another important item on this statement example is the Discount Rate (located in the Card Type Summary. The term "Discount Rate" sounds like a good thing, but in reality, it is how much of a percentage that your processor is adding onto the wholesale rate.