You were promised the best rate by your current processor. But is it really the best?

Almost every sales call from a merchant services provider claims to be able to give you the best rate.

However, we all know how confusing their statements can be. Even industry insiders have a hard time decoding the hidden costs, interpreting the jargon, and unraveling the junk fees to find the true cost.

But, there is a fool proof way to level the playing field. There is no way to hide from the Effective Rate. This calculation simply balances the total cost against the total sales.

So check it out. If you like the estimated savings we can give you, contact us right away. See why we are one of the fastest growing providers in the business.

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Where do I find these numbers on my statement?

To help you find the information on your statement, we have included a few of the more common statement styles. Click on the statement below that most closely resembles your statement for a brief explanation of how to find the information needed for this tool. You will be able to return to the Price Comparison Tool.

Note: the figures we’ll generate are estimations. Due to the way interchange is calculated by the card issuers, your actual costs will be dependent on the types of credit/debit cards your organization accepts. Our pricing structure is always constant! But in order to do a cost comparison, we’re forced to make a few general assumptions about the nature of your processing. Our estimations may vary from what rates you receive, based on several factors.