Why specializing in tire dealers makes a difference

If you had a heart problem would you  go just any doctor in the neighborhood or would you go to a Cardiologist who specializes in heart issues? Would you trust the electrical wiring in your store to the landscaper because he told you that he rewired his garage once?

Your merchant services needs and the needs of the fast food restaurant down the street are vastly different.

Credit card processing for tire dealers might seem fairly straightforward to most observers. There’s usually only one or two registers, a single cashier, and one approved transaction for each customer. However, the needs of a tire dealer can be incredibly diverse.

Tire Dealer
Happy Customer

If you run the corner drug store, the neighborhood restaurant, or the local grocery store, we're just not interested in your business. But if you are a tire dealer, call us!

See for yourself why our customer retention rate is over 98%.

Special Pricing

We know that small and medium-sized tire dealers face stiff competition every day from mega-retailers. We help level the playing field with our Zero Rate Mark-up pricing structure.

Large Ticket Size

Your business type is our specialty. The large average ticket size generated by tire dealers can expose merchants like you to fund holds or devastatingly large chargebacks.

Big savings

When merchant services providers and credit card processors grab a percentage of your sale, those rate mark-ups and monthly fees can really eat away at your profits.

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What other credit card processors don't want you to know

This is how Credit Card rate mark-ups work and why we save our dealers so much money.

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See why we are the preferred provider for organizations like the Georgia Tire Dealers and Retreaders Association.